Video content - Advent of Code 2020

15th December 2020 - Nim , DevLog

For NimConf2020, our first virtual Nim conference, I realised how poor my microphone setup was. I have previously toyed with the idea of recording videos for various projects, or just presentations in the same style as the one I did for NimConf. For the conference I borrowed a better microphone from a friend, and recorded my presentation with that. But after the conference I started looking into getting a better microphone for myself and found one at a decent sale. After getting and fine-tuning the audio I tried to stream some of my programming sessions for fun. As Christmas drew closer and advent rolled around the annual Advent of Code advent calendar started. For those of you who don't know the calendar consists of a small programming puzzle in two parts every day, with part 2 usually being a bit trickier than part 1. There are leaderboards for who manages to complete the tasks the fastest, but this is based on when the task drops and is quite timezone biased. After a couple of days I decided to challenge myself and stream my attemps and solving them, so far with a decent amount of success. The YouTube playlist of these streams can be found here if you want to check them out. Don't worry though, I am still working on content for this site and this addition of video content is in no way meant to replace it. I still have my drafts for multi-tasking in Nim (threads, async, etc.) and I'm in the starting phase of writing firmware for my custom keyboard for which I hope to use Nim and which will hopefully culminate in a guide for programming microcontrollers.