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Setting up a Nim server for dummies

8th June 2023

Nim is a great candidate for server development, but if you want to run your own server and are new to the world of server management or Linux there can be a daunting amount of information to consume in order to do it right. In this article I’ll give a quick rundown of setting up a small server capable of running your Nim server in a safe way. It is much more low-level than many…

Server migration and downtime

21st October 2017

This site has been down for a couple of days now. In fact the entire server has been down, which probably pained me more than it did you. Reason for this is that I have various services running on this server, most importantly perhaps my private git server. I've written before how I use git to maintain this site but that is only one of the many things I do with it. Typically I will…

Git-hooks and web development

17th June 2016

In a previous post I wrote about how this website was created and how the content was managed with CouchCMS. However there is more than just the textual content to this site. In the recent post about my Nim implementation of TinyWM the need for syntax highlighted code became apparent. Other features recently added was the home and RSS-feed buttons along with their features. What all these have in common is the need to modify the HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript of the site. CouchCMS touts itself…

Creating a managed website with CouchCMS

20th May 2016

After having decided that I wanted to create this DevLog I had to decide how I wanted to create it. Initially I was set on creating my own content management system (or CMS for short) since I've never been too fond of the ones I've used in the past. I feel that most CMS' fall into one of two categories, either they are too restrictive in order to be as simple as possible, or they are…