Internet of Things with Digisparks10th April 2017

Some time ago I bought a set of Nexa wireless sockets. They come with a remote and communicate over a 433Mhz custom protocol. However since I kept misplacing the remote I wanted to make the solution better. So I got a couple 433Mhz chips from AliExpress and connected them to a WeMos D1 mini ESP8266 chip. The ESP8266 is an Arduino compatible chip with built in WiFi and it's commonly used in home automation and…

New scraps feature10th April 2017

When I created this development log I intended for the entries here to serve a two-fold purpose. Part of it was to share my projects and show some of the interesting things I come upon while creating them. The other part was to remind myself of how I did some of the more challenging or confusing parts. In both of these regards I feel the log has fallen a bit short. Sure, I've managed to…